Scripps Day 2016

Scripps Day is a daylong event with panels, discussions and speakers from the E.W. Scripps Company. Events provide knowledge and insight from career professionals about the company, and how it’s changing and adapting in this digital age. These panels and discussions are free and available to all students. As a student in the Scripps School of Journalism, I’m thankful for opportunities like this. It’s events like this that separate our school from the rest!

I’ve attended Scripps Day before, but this year I took on a new role. I’m a first year member of Impressions on the Education/Non-profit account. Within this account is the Scripps J School, and it was my task to live tweet one event, “How E.W. Scripps Uses Data Analytics for Storytelling.” I found the presentation really interesting and beneficial. I’m a News and Info major and work at WOUB, where the presenter, Eric Duell, the Vice President of Analytics and Intelligence at Scripps, also worked when he attended OU! Working at WOUB has exposed me to working in local news, and he talked a lot about how social media and digital media are impacting it. According to Duell, “social media is now a primary source for news.”

One of my favorite parts was when he showed examples of how his company is using data from twitter to predict the 2016 Election. He showed stats of both Presidential candidates twitter’s and how they track them. Duell says looking at stats like this provides them fun new story ideas and projects. In today’s digital age, Duell spoke about the task of bridging together broadcast news and the digital landscape.

It really is an honor to be a Scripps student. The education and opportunities provided give students useful tools to help them as they’re working to achieve their goals. I’m also honored to be a new member of Impressions, and I’m excited for all that the organization has to offer!