Navigating Your Company In The Social Media Sphere

Social media is no longer just posting pictures of your dog and your crazy Saturday night. It has become an innovative tool that businesses use to connect with their consumers and market their brand. In the Public Relations and Marketing business you will encounter social media in your internships and jobs. Here are 3 tips to help your company navigate through the world of social media:

1. Interact with Customers

Social media is all about connections – if you are not connecting with your consumers you’re doing it wrong! Don’t just post content; respond to tweets or posts, interact! An easy way to get your followers interacting with your business via social media is to hold contests, campaigns, and create trending hashtags!

2. Stay Relevant

Gotta stay hip! Social media is always filled with trending hashtags of what is “hip” and relevant each day. Your company needs to be a part of that relevancy. You can do this by related trending hashtags or whatever is happening in the news to your business.

3. Multimedia, multimedia, multimedia!

Let’s face it – pictures are more fun than words. While scrolling through multiple posts and tweets, words aren’t going to necessarily catch someone’s eye, however creative multimedia will! Gifs, pictures, videos, and memes are fun things to add to your post to spice them up and increase your engagement!

Social media is an interactive and strategic tool for the new ages. PR and Marketing stars should always be taking advantage of this tool, as it allows for better business and increased engagement!