ImPRessions Takes the Ice

On Tuesday, February 14, Maura Anderson, Alex Corsi and I, took on the ice rink at Bird Arena for the Valentine’s Day social. It was my first time going to open skate hours, and let alone being inside Bird Arena. I haven’t ice skated since I was probably twelve, so needless to say I had to hang onto the side of the skate rink to start.

I came close to falling a few times and Maura fell twice. She was a trooper and got back up each time! Overall, the rink wasn’t too crowded with students and the price to open skate was inexpensive. With it being Valentine’s Day, I was surprised that there weren’t too many couples skating together. There were many friend groups just having a good time skating around the rink. I definitely would go back and skate again with a group of my friends and make an evening out of it and maybe some food afterwards!

All I needed was my student I.D. and $3.50. Bird Arena provides you with a pair of skates in exchange for your shoes at the checkout counter and then you return your skates once you’re finished. After our feet decided to cramp up a little, we decided to call it quits and carry on with the rest of the night’s responsibilities. Not only did I get to enjoy laughs and conversation with my fellow PR girls, but I also got in a mini cardio session. I broke a sweat trying not to fall and keep myself moving.

Grab your coat, gloves and some friends and head over to Bird Arena for open skate. Their hours for open ice skating are found here. Even if you’ve never skated before or haven’t in a while, it’s a break from your average weekday and a chance to test out your ice skating skills! I’m happy I went and got to remember what it feels like to be on the ice.

Post by Account Associate Rachel O'Morrow