Thank you @ScrippsJSchool - A Second Semester Senior

76 days, 7 hours and about 15 minutes, until that Saturday in April, Spring 2017 Commencement. It’s a date on every graduating senior’s mind. Whether they’re excited to walk proudly across that stage  or cringe with the thought of leaving the Ohio University campus, the date creeps closer and closer with each passing day no matter what. The reality of the “real world,” a world without the familiar bricks and faces of Athens is right around the corner.  Wasn’t I just a freshman in Journalism 1010? Now I’m sitting here, reflecting on attending Scripps Senior Saturday. Where does time go?

“What’s next for you?” “What are your plans after graduation?” “Do you have a job yet?” Questions all too familiar for the graduating senior...It’s a stressful semester. At times, (or all the time) it seems like everything is happening so fast. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t terrified for what’s to come in my #postgradlife. While it’s scary, it’s also one of the most exciting times in life! My emotions vary from fear of what’s next to being excited about life after graduation.

Scripps Senior Saturday eased a lot of my stress. Thank you, Scripps J School!! It’s an event available (and should be taken advantage of) for all students in the Scripps School of Journalism. It’s put on by the Scripps Society of Alumni and friends, and features a group of all recently graduated OU alums (within about 10 years) speaking and participating in panels. Whether they work in PR or at a news station, they once felt the same pressures we seniors felt sitting in the audience. Hearing them say, “it’s going to be okay.” And, “everything will work out,” was extremely reassuring. They gave useful tips and guidance. Provided us with knowledge about the industry and told us they understood what we were feeling. Listening and asking question to these successful OU alums was an opportunity I am grateful for and will never forget.

I’m thankful every single day to attend the Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University and be a member of the Bobcat family, but it’s events like these that make me even more grateful. Events like this don’t happen at every university out there. It’s completely put on by our alumni, who are so passionate about helping Bobcats. We are so lucky to attend a university that has such a great and loyal network of Bobcats all over.  The fact that these people came back to speak just shows how passionate OU grads are about the work they do. I know no matter what’s to come after graduation, I’m well prepared and equipped thanks to the Scripps School of Journalism. Everyone in the Scripps School of journalism, professors, alumni, etc., are rooting for us. They want us to do well. And, they’ll do whatever they can to help us achieve our dreams. Thanks, Scripps School of Journalism for events like Senior Saturday and for providing us with the tools to be successful. 

Post by Scripps Account Associate Kaitlyn Roman