Values I've Learned From Having a Job in College

If someone told me in high school I would be able to manage two jobs and a full semester of classes in college, I would have thought they were crazy. But, I love it. Having two jobs on campus has challenged me to become a better student and experience new things I thought I never would.



1.     Learning time management

What do you do if you work until 12, but have an exam and a paper due that day? Balancing a job and school work isn’t always easy. It teaches you to plan ahead and make use of all the time you have. Having an agenda with everything coming up marked down and a set schedule is key to succeed at balancing.



2.     Making friends

I know when you think of getting a job, making friends isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. There is no better way to bond with new people than over work. Work is a great place to meet new people you typically would not meet on a daily basis. Being at a school with 25,000 people, it is not always easy to make friends. The work place can be a great space to have an open mind for meeting new friends!


3.     Feeling Good About yourself

Yes, some days I wish I didn’t have a job and could sleep until 12 pm. On the other hand, when you get back an A on an exam after you had to budget time for work and studying, it’s a great feeling. You can prove to yourself that you are capable of handling more than one thing at a time.


4.     Making connections

You never know who your going to meet. You always have the opportunity to make connections and expand your horizons. There are an infinite amount of opportunities to market yourself at your job. If someone is impressed with your work, they might want to further their relationship with you.


5.     Adding experience to your resume

Even if the job is not involved with your major or future career goals, it is experience. You will gain real world experience and learn how to earn money. It will also give you confidence and faith in yourself that will carry to your next job. 

Post by Account Associate Maggie Carrig