What Your Favorite Athens Coffee Shop Says About Your PR Style

Donkey Coffee

If your favorite joint on campus happens to be donkey, then you happen to be the creative type. You tend to think outside of the box and bring ideas to the table that blow people away. You are not afraid to stand out or stand up for what you believe in. Everyone looks to you for a fun and fresh perspective when it comes to decisions. Let’s face it, your brand would be dull without your light and inspiration. An asset to any account that wants to stay hip. 

Brenen's Coffee Cafe

If you like a deli sandwich with your iced macchiato and Brenen’s is the place to be, then you excel at multitasking and love trying new things. You are the associate who enjoys taking on new tasks by volunteering for anything and everything. Your enthusiasm for experience makes you approachable and dependable to those on your team. The more portfolio pieces the better is a motto you live by, knowing your resume will impress future employers. With this go get it mentality, the world is yours.

Court Street Coffee

If curling up with a book in the corner of Court Street Coffee is your go to move, then you are an intellectual introvert. When it comes to contributing to your brand, you do so silently but effectively. You never miss a detail because of your well-developed observational skills. Strategic and all-knowing, account members come to you with questions and your advice never fails. From pinpointing potential problems to having data at your disposal, your mind is something every successful PR team needs on their side.

The Front Room

If running into The Front Room between classes is a part of your daily routine, then you are the carefree associate. Your go with the flow mentality makes you versatile and resilient in a public relations setting. You have a high risk, high reward mentality that often pays off for your account. Your lightheartedness makes you easy to work with and clients love you! The face of the team in the public eye because your people skills remain unmatched. A de-stressor in any room, your team needs you to keep everyone grounded in times of panic. You act as a constant reminder of why we love what we do. 

The Dining Hall

If a piping cup of Highlander Grog with Nelson’s all day breakfast is what gets your day going, then you are probably new to this. Maybe you just switched majors or it’s your first year at Ohio University, but that’s OK! Your wide eyed enthusiasm keeps your work engaging. With a new mind comes new perspectives that keep the brand up to date and active. You are eager to see where this wonderful path takes you, even though you might not know everything about the industry yet. But trust me kid, your future is bright. 


Post by West Side Wingery account associate Erin Duncan