Burr Oak Getaways

Burr Oak Getaways is a tourist destination offering private cabin/cottage rentals, hiking, kayaking and paddle boarding near Burr Oak State Park and the surrounding communities of Morgan, Athens and Perry Counties. This is the first year ImPRessions is working with this client. This account will work to spread awareness of Burr Oak Getaways to the Athens community through events and social media. 

Go Bus 

GoBus is a bus system that provides transportation between non urbanized and urbanized areas. The account will be assisting GoBus's expansion by reaching out to student publications at multiple Ohio college campuses in addition to Ohio University. the GoBus account will engage with the OU student body on social media through Twitter and Instagram campaigns. 

West Side Wingery 

West Side Wingery is a brand new carry-out style restaurant serving wings, tacos and other delicious eats on the west side of Athens. This is the first year that ImPRessions is working with this client. The account will work to increase social media presence, find its brand and draw awareness to this new restaurant.